We are proud to provide an income for women in Cambodia who have had no access to meaningful employment. Most are mothers, some are young women others grandmothers. The one thing they have in common is being able to transform their families by earning money while having the flexibility of working from home.

From time to time we will feature one of our producers or ‘behind the scenes’ workers  to give you a closer connection to the very real people behind this project.

This is the woman behind the scenes who makes the knitting happen. Without her there would be no monkeys and Sleepy Snoogus.   Monika works tirelessly to make sure that Cambodian women are able to access financial independence.  Her project Cambodia Knits is a testament to her hard work and ethical business approach. She is an absolute delight to work with (once she’s had her morning coffee) and her commitment to the knitters is inspiring. Monika lives in Phnom Penh with her Cambodian hubby, ridiculously cute daughter and two naughty cats.