I had been living in rural Cambodia for two and a half years. Initially I was completely overwhelmed by the poverty all around me and my family.  Without intending to I found myself running a sewing project from my home. I could see first hand the difference it could make for these young women and mothers.
When our family moved back to Australia so my children could “be normal” I vowed to keep doing something that would help the marginalised women in Cambodia. ¬† I was so painfully aware that without the support of someone ‘back home’ connecting the product with the public there was no way for any community project in a developing country could survive no matter how great it was.
These past four years back in Australia have not been easy. The juggling act of solo parenting 4 children in the midst of studies, some major health concerns all in a brand new city has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my life. Through it all though I have tried my hardest to keep the promise I made when I left Cambodia which was to not forget the women there no matter how deeply suburbia sucked me in.
Almost five years after arriving in Melbourne I am excited to have an online shop where regular mums and dad can access some of the beautiful things being made in Cambodia. Every item bought on here will change lives over there.