FAQ - Happily Made

All of our monkeys and Sleepy Snoogus are made in Cambodia. Some of them are made in the women’s homes which is really convenient for them while they have their children and grand children to look after. Most of the community projects are located around Phnom Penh but we also have a few communities going south down to Kampot.

The bamboo blankets are made in a small workshop in Northern India by wood carving artisans.

We offer marginalised women a three week knitting course and all the supplies that they need. By the time they are finished with the course they are ready to start making an income from home!

We are a business that puts our workers before profit. We want to make sure that our knitter’s lives are improved by working with us.


Yes, our monkeys are made using acrylic yarn (it’s the easiest to source in Cambodia) and are vegan friendly.

The feedback we get the most is that the women love having the flexibility of how often they work. Some months they only make a few items and other months they make lots. It’s completely up to them and that really sets us apart as a social enterprise.

There are lots of ways to support our social enterprise. Sharing our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram is a simple but VERY effective way to help us out. If you have a workplace or school that is passionate about social justice and empowering women then getting them involved in supporting us is also very helpful.

If your favourite cafe looks like the kind of place that would like to sell some monkeys to their customers (the monkeys are GREAT distractions to little people at cafes) then please tell the owner and ask them to get in touch with us.

School is free for the poorest children in Cambodia. Unfortunately they still need to pay for school books and uniforms which they can’t afford and keeps them from getting an education. We are also very aware of how critical it is that they learn English to help them get a higher paying job once they finish school or go to university so we pay for that as well.

We are very proud of the fact that all donations are 100% given towards training women how to knit or to the scholarship fund. We don’t use any of the money for running costs.