Not a crowdfunding campaign - Happily Made
I can’t believe it’s not a crowdfunding campaign!

Eeeeeeeek!! This has been brewing behind the scenes for a few months now but I can FINALLY share with you the exciting news!

Ideally you have a look at this video which will explain to you what this is about in a more in depth way.

But for those of you who like nutshells:

I found out earlier this year that the weavers had stopped weaving because no orders had come through. This is not something that has happened in the over a decade that I’ve known them.

My instinct was to quickly create a crowdfunding campaign so that we could make sure they had money coming through.

However, I hesitated because the past two crowdfunding campaigns it has taken SUUUUUUUCH a long time for contributors to receive their “perks”…and I just don’t want to risk that happening again.

So….I’ve come up with something new that I’m calling I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN!!  

Here is what makes it different:

– The “perks” have ALREADY been made. (This was only possible because a wonderful woman in the Happily Made village lent me the money) and have ALREADY ARRIVED HERE IN MELBOURNE!! This means that as soon as you place your order I will send it out express post with NO DELAY at all.

– And speaking of EXPRESS POST….I have made the shipping FREE!! I’m really really hoping this takes away any hurdles you might have with sharing this with your loved ones (and workmates etc). Just use the code CROWDFUNDING at the checkout to apply free shipping to your whole order within Australia.

– You will also notice that the I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN!! is on my actual website…this means that not only do I avoid paying expensive fees to another platform…but it means that you can add anything from my website to your order…and not have to pay postage. So a really great opportunity to stock up on upcoming gifts.

Now for those of you who are new to Happily Made it would probably be helpful for you to watch this video that was made on my last visit to Cambodia back in July 2022 since it will show you more about what I do and the INCREDIBLE women who make our treasures.

Before I go,

one thing I really want to highlight is that there are obviously limited numbers for each of these “perks” and I really hate disappointing people with their favourite colours running out. So without sounding like a pushy seller I would like to gently encourage you to place your order soon so that you don’t miss out.

Oh…and a MASSIVE thank you to those of you who made this possible…I honestly couldn’t have done it without your help behind the scenes… Lidya, Matt & Dee. Thank you for carrying me through this despite the hurdles that got thrown in the process.

And now hopefully the rest of you will fall in love with the Bamboo “Kimono Style” wraps and the Rainbow Baby Sloths and make some magic happen!!

The rewards