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Book – The Happily Made Story


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Veronica Sherman’s autobiography.

Her unconventional life leading up to starting Happily Made while living in rural Cambodia.

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How did a wide-eyed young woman from Sweden come to live in Australia and end up as ‘The Monkey Lady?’

Happily Made is a tale that weaves through Sweden to Jerusalem, America to Australia and then unexpectedly to rural Cambodia with four young children in tow.

In this honest, vulnerable and at times heart wrenching memoir, Veronica shares her unconventional life with authenticity and bravery.

It is the coming of age journey of a naive young woman who at times encountered overwhelming adversity to become both a fierce mamma bear and the playful entrepreneur she is today.

Veronica’s story is one that need to be told…it beautifully depicts her unravelling, the lessons she learned and the people who shared her adventure.