**ORDERS OPEN** Caspian Sea Slippers - Happily Made

**ORDERS OPEN** Caspian Sea Slippers



$69 each
Children $59

You can choose between 2-3 colours and the slippers will be custom made for you. Make sure to mention if you need the slippers to be extra wide since they will be specifically made just for you!

And it would be wonderful if you could tell your friends so we can reach 30 pairs ASAP.

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Handmade SLIPPERS from the Caspian Sea.

$69 each  (adult size)
Children $59

These traditional slippers are absolutely beautiful. There are 10 women carefully knitting them and I would love to generate some more orders for them. I’ve had SUCH lovely feedback from the customers who ordered previously.

You can choose between 2-3 colours and the slippers will be CUSTOM made for you. This means that you can order sport team or school colours and of course just your favorite combinations.  It also means that if you have very wide feet (like me) or an usual size you don’t have to miss out.  Perfect for  upcoming gifts …and just because warm feet are priceless!

The slippers are made from a wool & acrylic blend which means they are SOFT & DURABLE! The SUEDE sole means they are not slippery…and will last a long long time.

And incredibly…they are machine washable.

**As soon as we have 30 pairs ordered we can have them expressed shipped so please tell your friends who love all things HANDMADE** (I will do updates on social media with how many orders we have)

Please choose size and up to 3 colours and then the knitter will choose a pattern unless you see one in my photos that you particularly like and let me know in the “comments” which style you prefer.

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