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Multi Coloured Magic (Magnetic) Monkeys



Our most loved product & 100% ethically made.


*** Because each item is handmade we sometimes run out of stock and will let you know if there is a bit of a wait.

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Multi Coloured Magic Monkeys

Our most loved product & ethically made. The MAGICAL MONKEY has had a makeover!! Only available here…the 2016 Spring Collection… For those of you who just can’t stop buying the monkeys and want a new colour.

We have run out of this yarn and only have a few remaining!

Check out the Happily Made Instagram page to see the amazing adventures these magical monkeys go on! Don’t forget to send in pictures, we love hearing about how much you love these monkeys!

100% vegan.

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Ocea, Sunrise, Rudolph, Craig, Hugo, TuttiFrutti, Dan