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What’s happening at the Monkey Temple??

I always get asked “so what ACTUALLY is the Monkey Temple?” And I kind of shrug my shoulders and say:

“You really just need to come and see for yourself!”

Because it’s not really something that we have a word for.

The main purpose for the Monkey Temple is for me to have a place to display & hopefully sell the beautiful treasures that the incredible women in Cambodia make for Happily Made. Photos never do justice, so being able to come & see the amazing quality and colours and textures is something I want people to have an opportunity to do.

But for a lot of people that’s not enough of an incentive to drive to Brunswick East for 🙂

That’s where my grandmother’s cheesecake and Monk’s Chai come in!

I use them as a lure 🙂

Who can resist cheesecake & freshly brewed chai?

(I should add that everything I serve at the Monkey Temple is coeliac safe)

It’s such a beautiful space that really creates an opportunity for deeper chats…

So I also have other events here that adds a more meaningful dimension to my life.

A Discussion Group that at the moment focuses on what’s happening in Gaza & Israel as well as a Podcast Group that discusses a different episode each month.

And I also host workshops. (These have been so much fun!)

To find the links to the events please go to Facebook:


And ask to join that group.

And please MESSAGE me for the address on NICHOLSON ST, BRUNSWICK EAST (


  • LAST THURSDAY of each month 7-9PM: PODCAST GROUP
  • EVERY WEDNESDAY 2-5PM: Afternoons at the Monkey Temple
  • EVERY FRIDAY IN FEBRUARY 5-9PM: Evenings at the Monkey Temple