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Ethical is a funny word

Ethical Knitted Monkeys in Red at Super Tek

Yesterday I popped in to visit a mechanic who helped me with my ute earlier in the year. As soon as he’s heard about the social enterprise I have, he immediately ordered monkeys to hand out as ethical THANK YOU gifts to his customers. So I was back again to deliver some more monkeys and very much in that head space of just ticking off errands.

As I was leaving Terry tapped on my window and said he noticed that my tail light cover was missing. Did I want him to fix it free of charge?

Yet again I was completely touched by his kindness and concern.

Here is a local business owner who leads with his heart and his generosity is just a natural reflex.

I quickly thanked him and nodded that I would love to have the light fixed. I knew that it was best to avoid using words in case some tears decided to sneak out.

It’s been a few hard weeks for me and these little moments of kindness go a long way. When I reflect back on some of the low points recently they have actually been caused by other businesses who promote themselves as ‘ethical’.

And yes, they technically fit into the category of Fair trade and social enterprise. Yet how they conduct themselves in their business interactions can only be described as trampling. At the core of what they do I am sure there are marginalised people benefiting and for all I know they are empowering women left, right and center.  However, all that goes up in smoke for me if they lack basic kindness and generosity.

I’m pretty sure that Terry doesn’t boast of running an “ethical” car repair business, but if anyone deserves the title it’s him and other humble business owners who remind me that there is still plenty of goodness around, even in the most unexpected places!

Pop in to SuperTek to see our monkeys!